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5 Benefits of Working With a Personal Trainer After 40

5 Benefits of Working With a Personal Trainer After 40

As you near 40, you might start to feel some of the effects of aging. Your joints might get creakier or stiff, muscles lose some strength, and you might gain some weight as your metabolism slows. 

Many people sit back and accept these changes as unavoidable parts of the aging process, but you’re not entirely helpless in this situation. By working with certified dietician and personal trainer Brandon Caraballosa, MS, RD, CDN, CPT, on your fitness goals, you can maintain your strength and vitality as your muscles and tissues continue to age. Here at neXendo Wellness in Long Island City and Murray Hill, New York, our experts urge you to book a consultation to find out just what personal training after 40 can do for you. 

If you’re approaching 40 or if you’re already inching toward your fifties, consider these five key benefits of hiring a personal trainer to soften or slow down some of the physical impacts of getting older.

1. More energy and productivity

Many people find that they generally get more tired as they get older. Some of the stressors in life that once weren’t so significant seem to build up and cause fatigue or burnout.

Your genetics and environment contribute to the increasing tiredness that comes with aging, and the effects are especially stark after workouts and other strenuous activities. 

At neXendo Wellness, we work together to help increase your energy and stamina. Tats may lead to a better mood and more productivity at work and around the house. 

Exercising with help from a personal trainer gives you more energy over time by increasing mitochondrial production inside your cells. Your mitochondria are responsible for producing energy from glucose molecules and oxygen from your blood. With more energy, your cardiovascular system also functions more efficiently. 

2. Decreased health risks

Many chronic illnesses, including some that rarely cause symptoms, are associated with a long-term sedentary lifestyle. Even if you’re new to exercise, a personal trainer can help ease you into the process at an appropriate level for your fitness. 

Regular exercise, especially cardio exercises, like walking or cycling, mitigates the risk of many common chronic diseases, including:

This is largely because exercising builds your heart muscle to make it stronger. Plus, it increases your blood oxygen levels to give your cells more energy. 

3. Brain stimulation

The health of your mind is crucial and can change with age based on your genetics and habits throughout life. Physical activity lowers your risk for dementia — an age-related condition that causes memory decline. Even normal aging can lead to some decline in your cognition, but your personal trainer can help you make sure that doesn’t happen rapidly. 

When you engage in personal training, your brain releases proteins and other chemicals that promote more connections between neurons inside your brain. 

4. Accountability

If you’re around 40 and thinking of starting an exercise program, a personal trainer helps you stick with it. Many people start exercising as a New Year’s resolution, for example, and stop visiting the gym by early March. 

With expert guidance, motivation, and goals-based planning from a personal trainer, you can hold yourself accountable and stick with your program until you reach your fitness goals. That allows you to reap all of the health and wellness benefits that come with working out. 

5. Personalization

Your personal trainer is just that: a PERSONAL trainer. While workout classes can be a fun activity to do with friends or your spouse, they don’t give you the individualized attention and planning you need to excel in your program. 

At neXendo Wellness, your personal trainer understands your health history, current health, and goals for your future. They help you set reasonable goals and work toward them on a timeline that works for you. Plus, virtual training is an option when you’re too busy to train in person. 

Curious to try age-appropriate personal training for yourself? Schedule your one-on-one consultation over the phone or online at neXendo Wellness today.

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