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5 Key Benefits of Working With a Personal Trainer

5 Key Benefits of Working With a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer isn’t only there to dictate how and when to exercise. In reality, personal training is a personalized process. Your personal trainer evaluates your needs, holds you accountable as you work toward your goals, and offers helpful insight on exercise form and technique. 

Your personal training sessions at neXendo Wellness are private — just you and your trainer. That means you don’t have to feel self-conscious in front of fellow gym goers or feel you must impress others during an exercise class. It also means your trainer has ample time to dedicate to you without distraction. 

Board-certified endocrinologist and medical director Anastasios Manessis, MD, FACE, ECNU, ABOM, might recommend personal training as part of your individualized comprehensive health and wellness program at our Long Island City or Murray Hill, New York, offices. The certified personal trainers Dimitrios and Vithan Troubitch meet you at your current fitness level and work closely with you to achieve your goals. 

What are some advantages of personal training compared to other exercise routines and regimens? In this blog, we highlight five essential benefits of working with a personal trainer. 

1. Accountability and motivation

Staying motivated can be a significant hurdle in any fitness journey. Personal trainers serve as both coaches and cheerleaders, providing the encouragement and support you need to stay focused on your goals. Knowing that someone is invested in your progress is a powerful motivator. 

Scheduling regular sessions with a trainer also creates accountability. You're more likely to stick to your workout routine when you have someone to answer to, making it harder to skip workouts when you’re not feeling it or make excuses to shorten or forgo your workouts.

2. Expert guidance

A personal trainer is a certified professional with in-depth knowledge of exercise science, and anatomy. Your personal trainer at neXendo Wellness understands the proper techniques for various exercises and will teach you the correct form and posture. 

Working with a personal trainer reduces your risk of injuries and ensures you get the most out of each workout. Your trainer will also monitor your progress and make necessary adjustments to your program, presenting you with new challenges with every session. 

3. Custom workouts

This is not a generic fitness program. Instead, your personal trainer provides tailored advice. Our team builds a workout plan that targets the areas that need the most work and can catapult you toward your overall health and wellness goals. We consider any limitations as well as your fitness level. Using body composition analysis and other tools, we assess your health risks and develop your program accordingly.

During your first meeting with your trainer, they ask about your goals. You might engage in training for weight management, disease management, flexibility, or building strength — It’s all up to you. 

4. Focus on overall health

Personal trainers provide a holistic perspective and can teach you the basics of exercise and general wellness. Therefore, you can gain physical and mental benefits from your program. You’ll feel better emotionally, sleep better, and have more energy for the activities you love. 

5. Training on your time

With so many obligations and responsibilities, some people feel they don’t have the time to work with a personal trainer. At neXendo Wellness, we offer one-on-one virtual personal training sessions using Zoom. That means you can engage in your personalized exercise program in the comfort of your living room or any other location of your choice. 

Whether you opt for in-person training or training with telemedicine, your trainer accommodates your schedule. 

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neXendo Wellness proudly offers expert-guided health and wellness services, including personal training with certified professionals. To get started on a personalized fitness program with support from an expert trainer, call neXendo Wellness or schedule an appointment online today.

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