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Continuous Care Weight Management Program

neXendo Wellness

Health & Wellness Center located in Long Island City & Astoria, Long Island City, NY & Murray Hill, New York, NY

Our Continuous Weight Management Program is the first step towards successful weight loss!

Program Highlights:

  • Monthly Phone calls from our Registered Dietitian.
  •  Telemedicine Visits.
  • Free Initial session body composition analysis on our state-of-the-art SecaTM scale.
  • Free smart scale to track weight at home.
  • Handout pack providing exercise routines, sample meal plans, snack ideas, and more.
  • Food tracking app connectivity with your Registered Dietitian.
  • And some free goodies to take home as well!

Consistently losing weight and maintaining weight loss is very difficult. Our program is designed to take out all the variables making it hard. The free smart scale and connectivity to the Registered Dietitian with the food tracking app will ensure adequate nutrition. Our program puts an emphasis on consistency. We are much more than an app on a phone or a program on a computer. We will use telemedicine as our key to success ensuring constant contact. Our dietitian will be available via email, social media, and much more to help you stay engaged.



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