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Personal Training


Why is Exercise important?

Working out is easily one of the most important lifestyle factors.

Exercise is much more than a means to lose weight.


  • Increases energy levels

  • Increases mood

  • Increases cardiac output/function

  • Increases muscle mass and metabolism

  • Increase flexibility, strength and functionality

  • Allows for better sleep

  • Allows for more productive studying/work

Exercise is needed for an overall optimal healthy life


Working out with us at Long Island City

We are providing an One-on-One session with our Certified Personal Trainer. Sessions at our fully equipped gym means:

  • Proper exercise assessments

  • Personalized exercise program

  • Safe workout environment¬†

  • Accountability and motivation

Virtual One-On-One Training Via Zoom

We are also available for virtual training from the comfort of your home. One-on-One virtual session still provide, proper exercise assessment, personalized exercise program and accountability and motivation all while staying in your living room. All you need is your body, some space and a positive attitude!


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