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Personal Training

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neXendo Wellness

Health & Wellness Center Located In Long Island City, Astoria, & Murray Hill, New York, NY

If you’re looking for ways to improve your health and wellness, Anastasios Manessis, MD, FACE, ECNU, ABOM, and the team at neXendo Wellness offer personal trainer services. At neXendo Wellness in the Long Island City neighborhood in Queens and the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan, New York, the team works with you to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. To learn more about the benefits of personal training, call their New York City office, or request a consultation online today.

Personal Training Q & A

What is personal training?

Personal training is a service offered at neXendo Wellness to guide you into a more active, healthier lifestyle. With a deep passion for helping people, the team evaluates your specific motivators and health goals to best help you achieve fitness success through better nutrition and a safe, effective daily exercise program.

The team at neXendo Wellness helps you pursue healthier lifestyle choices and provides educational resources to keep you involved in your health and fitness.

What are the advantages of a personal trainer?

Their certified personal trainers work with you directly addressing your goals and specific needs to create a personalized training plan. They provide guidance on several areas of health, including:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Healthy choices

The team creates a safe, effective exercise program to get you moving and focuses those exercises on different aspects of fitness, such as strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.

Your provider also considers any underlying health conditions that affect your mobility and limit your ability to stay physically active. They can recommend a daily exercise program that maximizes your strengths and helps you improve your weaknesses.

Is a personal trainer right for me?

Because of the excessive information available in magazines and on the internet, it can be difficult to determine what your body needs to achieve optimum health. Many people give up on their health and wellness goals because they lack the guidance and motivation they need to achieve success.

The team at neXendo Wellness understands the importance of good health and consistently motivates you to keep going. They can help you refocus your priorities, putting your health and well-being front and center in your life.

Everyone can benefit from the professional guidance offered by the team at neXendo Wellness. It’s especially important to have someone who understands what you’re going through and what you need to stay on track. The team possesses unparalleled motivational skills, always encouraging you to keep going.

To learn more about the benefits of personal training, call neXendo Wellness or book a consultation online today.

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