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Health & Wellness Center located in Long Island City & Astoria, Long Island City, NY & Murray Hill, New York, NY

If you’re trying to get in shape, taking on the weight-loss journey alone may not be the best way to achieve your goals. At neXendo Wellness in the Long Island City neighborhood in Queens and the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan, New York, Anastasios Manessis, MD, FACE, ECNU, ABOM, and the team believe in the power of teamwork when it comes to successfully losing weight. They combine their personal experience and professional knowledge to create the most ideal weight-loss program for your unique situation. Not only can you achieve your goals, but the team can also help you maintain a healthy weight for the long term. To schedule a weight loss consultation, call the nearest office, or book a consultation online today.

What can I expect from a weight loss consultation?

Your neXendo Wellness provider sits with you in a judgment-free environment to review your medical history and lifestyle choices that have resulted in excessive weight gain. They discuss your weight-loss goals and your options for achieving an ideal weight

During your initial consultation, your provider takes as much time as you need to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable.

In addition to an in-depth discussion, the neXendo Wellness team takes important measurements, including your current weight and body mass index (BMI). They may perform additional testing to determine if your weight gain relates to an underlying medical condition.

What if a medical condition contributes to my weight gain?

If you experience sudden, unexplained weight gain, your provider may order thyroid testing and other blood work to identify potential problems.

They can create a customized treatment plan to address the medical condition first before recommending appropriate weight-loss solutions.

Which weight loss solutions are right for me?

Your neXendo Wellness provider can determine the best weight-loss solutions for you based on your goals and overall health. They may first recommend making necessary lifestyle changes, including improving your diet and boosting your daily physical activities.

Your provider works with you at your own pace to find what weight-loss options are most effective at keeping you motivated to reach your goals.

Their team features personal trainers who can work with you to safely and effectively improve your physical fitness in order to maintain a healthy weight.

What are the benefits of medically supervised weight loss?

The primary benefit of working with the team at neXendo Wellness toward your weight-loss goals is their ability to motivate you to live your best life. They understand that change doesn’t happen overnight and provide the steady, consistent encouragement you need to achieve your goals and learn what’s best for your health along the way.

Another benefit of medically supervised weight loss is the focused medical attention you receive from the team throughout your treatment. They can identify possible medical reasons you struggle to maintain a healthy weight and address those issues using the latest diagnostic resources and treatment options.

To start on the road to achieving a healthier weight, schedule a weight-loss consultation with neXendo Wellness, or book an appointment online today.