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Additional Testimonials


“My time working with Brandon has truly changed my life. Not only did I reach and exceed my weightless goals, but I also was able to build a healthier lifestyle thanks to what he taught me. He brings a fresh, friendly approach to nutrition that taught me the perfect balance of happiness and health!”

— Kerry L


“While training with Brandon at neXendo, I was able to improve my endurance and stamina within my first 90 days of training. As an athlete, I needed training sessions and nutrition plans tailored to my goals, now I am happy with the outcome.”

— Gianni G


“Brandon's positive attitude toward nutrition has helped me switch my focus back to self-care and to choosing foods that both nourish and replenish my body. He offers an excellent support system, by helping you achieve your goals at a pace that you are comfortable with, while continuing to keep you motivated. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field, offering detailed explanations on any questions that I have had. Brandon's passion for what he does makes him a pleasure to work with and a top choice to have alongside your fitness journey.”

— Anna M


“At first, I was a unsure if I should be training again because I have been in physical therapy for my left arm for a while and plus the pandemic. I had lost all hope getting my body in shape again and fell into depression. 3 months ago I met Brandon through neXendo. It was hard for me at first to put my trust in someone. Brandon explained the nutrition and training process. Brandon is a patient, supportive but also pushes you to the limit when it's necessary to achieve your goals. After 90 days of sweat, I see and feel the transformation in my health. Overall, my confidence is back and can't wait to continue my transformation for next coming months!”

— Helen T


“I started with Dr. Manessis and Brandon on July 2020. I am older man, and I transitioned from female to male much later in life. No one had ever taught me how to eat. I went from 201.8 pounds to 165.4 by october 2020. I had major surgery and Brandon and Dr. Manessis are working with me to help me stay on course and eat healthy. I have never felt once like I was on a diet or I had to deny myself. I feel as if I finally have the control over my body and my mind and most importantly how to fuel my body and testosterone most effectively. There is no one like them. They care, whether it my nurse practitioner Nicole or Laura or the techs that draw blood. They are an amazing group of folks and I consider myself fortunate to have found them. My GP doctor calls Manessis the Gandolf of Endocrinology.””

— Lester C

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