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Take Charge of Your Health Through Nutritional Counseling

Whether you’re just starting to explore the benefits of a better diet or have been trying to make changes for years, our team at neXendo Wellness in Long Island City and Murray Hill, New York, can assist with evidence-based nutrition counseling

neXendo Wellness has a registered dietician on staff to personalize your nutritional counseling so you can reach your health and wellness goals. Rather than putting you “on a diet,” registered dietician and wellness program director Camille Falisse, MS, RD, teaches you the principles of nutrition so you can make healthy choices.

You’ll start with an initial consultation to establish your goals and baseline health. 

Setting your goals

Setting goals for nutritional counseling helps you prioritize. Think about where you want to see yourself in six months, a year, or five years. How would you like your health and quality of life to improve? Are you hoping to lose weight?  

While weight loss is a first thought for many people looking to modify their eating habits, becoming more nutritionally aware has plenty of other benefits. You might be interested in nutritional counseling to:

neXendo Wellness considers your goals while optimizing your diet with individualized recommendations. Studies indicate that almost half of the adults in the United States don’t meet their nutritional needs through their current diet, but nutritional counseling can help you overcome your deficiencies. 

Getting started

Our registered dietician will evaluate your medical history and administer the following tests:

Body composition analysis

Your body mass index (BMI) doesn’t tell the entire story. Instead, body composition analysis breaks down your weight into components, including bone, muscle, and fat. Our state-of-the-art Seca™ scale provides your ratios to tell us more about your health.   

Metabolic testing

Resting metabolic rate (RMR), maximum volume of oxygen (VO2 max), and lactate threshold testing help our registered dietician better understand your metabolism’s speed.  

Our registered dietician starts with a physical exam, which might include blood testing, to evaluate other parameters of your health relevant to nutrition planning. 

Applying what you learn

Nutritional counseling aims to change your diet for good, not to modify it temporarily. 

During your one-on-one nutrition counseling sessions at neXendo Wellness, our dietician teaches you the basics of healthy and balanced eating and provides tips on applying them in your daily life. Our team also gives you a personalized nutrition plan complete with your necessary caloric intake. We help you build a meal plan that aligns with your budget, food preferences, and dietary restrictions. 

You can apply what you learn at neXendo Wellness at home by following your diet plan and being more mindful of what you eat. Over time, you’ll notice improvements in your health. As long as you comply with your personalized nutrition program, you can expect measurable blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight improvements. 

If you’re prepared to commit to a healthier diet and lifestyle, don’t wait to get in touch with us. Call neXendo Wellness or request an appointment online.

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