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Can Routine Metabolic Testing Track Health Improvements as I Lose Weight?

Weight loss is more than watching the number on the scale get lower or fitting into your favorite pair of pants from two years ago. In fact, there are extensive health benefits associated with weight loss when approached from a health perspective. Medical weight loss involves extensive testing to highlight how much you benefit from changing your habits. 

At neXendo Wellness, we rely on metabolic tests to gather information about your metabolism — the process your body uses to convert food into energy. Board-certified endocrinologist Anastasios Manessis, MD, and our team interpret your test results and use your results as a benchmark for health improvements. Visit our offices in Long Island City or Murray Hill, New York, to get started on a personalized medical weight loss or wellness program. 

What do metabolic tests measure?

During your initial consultation for medical weight loss and periodically throughout your program, our team uses metabolic tests to learn more about how your body functions. We use advanced metabolic testing strategies to measure your:

Resting metabolic rate (RMR)

Most people know that exercise burns calories, but did you know your body burns calories at rest, too? That’s right, even when you’re asleep. This is due to ongoing automatic processes like breathing, cell repair, and hormone balancing. An RMR test determines how many calories your body burns at rest, which can be influenced by your weight, hormones, muscle-to-fat ratio, and genetics. 

Lactate threshold

During exercise, your muscles produce a byproduct called lactate. Your lactate threshold indicates the point when your muscles produce more lactate than they can remove. Once you reach that tipping point, fatigue sets in.

Maximum volume of oxygen (VO2 Max)

Your VO2 Max represents the amount of oxygen you can use during strenuous exercise. The more oxygen you use, the more energy your body can create. VO2 Max testing is an excellent way to analyze your cardiorespiratory fitness (the function of your heart and lungs). 

It’s important to use this information cumulatively as part of a comprehensive weight loss program instead of isolating and analyzing a single parameter.  

Using the information to your advantage

Why do we use these tests for measuring health improvements? Using our findings, we can personalize and adjust your treatment program based on your needs. Metabolic testing helps us determine the optimal number of calories you should eat to function.

We also use your metabolic testing results to guide us as we make recommendations for exercise. Even if you run for the same amount of time as someone else, you may burn more or fewer calories than you do based on your metabolism. By gathering insight into your metabolic rate, we can tailor your exercise routine to match your abilities. 

If you’ve ever attempted to lose weight, you’re likely familiar with plateaus. These are periods when you don’t see any change in your weight. By analyzing the changes in your metabolism using metabolic testing, we can alter your recommendations and put you back on track toward your goals. 

Ready to learn more about your metabolism?

Routine metabolic testing allows you to track changes in the way your body functions and make adjustments to optimize your weight loss and health. To start tracking your health and function with routine metabolic testing, call neXendo Wellness or book a weight-loss consultation online. 


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