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5 Invaluable Benefits of Our Continuous Weight Management Program

5 Invaluable Benefits of Our Continuous Weight Management Program

Reducing body fat provides undeniable benefits for your health. That’s especially true if you have weight-related health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease. 

Achieving successful (and sustainable) weight loss isn’t always easy. Even when a strategy works, it may not lead to long-term weight management. However, with a continuous care weight management program, you see progress from week to week and maintain your results. 

Our experts at neXendo Wellness specialize in creating and implementing telemedicine-supported continuous weight management programs. In Long Island City and Murray Hill, New York, endocrinologist Anastassios Manessis, MD, and our registered dieticians and personal trainers provide personalized guidance to make weight loss easier. 

Thinking of starting a continuous weight management program? Simply book a consultation with us. In the meantime, read up on the top five invaluable benefits of continuous care weight management: 

1. Direct support from a registered dietician

The registered dieticians on staff at neXendo Wellness stay in contact with you as you navigate your continuous weight management program. We’re here to answer your questions and offer the insight you need to adopt healthy eating habits.

Every continuous care weight management program at neXendo Wellness includes monthly phone calls with a registered dietician so you can discuss your progress and any new developments relevant to your weight loss. 

2. Weight loss personalization 

A highlight of a continuous weight management program is the high level of personalization. 

Your program begins with metabolic rate testing and body composition analysis using a state-of-the-art SecaTM scale. Our team uses this tool to track changes in your metabolism and body composition during regular visits to our office. 

After evaluating your body composition, metabolism, and overall health, our team develops your strategy and provides individualized recommendations. 

3. A free smart scale for at-home tracking

Your continuous weight management program includes a free smart scale to help you track your weight at home. While a smart scale can’t give you as accurate of information on your body composition as a DEXA scan, daily measurements using a smart scale help monitor your weight. 

A smart scale can motivate you to weigh yourself more frequently, helping you stay focused on your weight-loss goal. 

4. Personalized handouts and resources

It’s not always easy to plan your meals and actions while adhering to a weight-loss goal. That’s why we offer the helpful resources you need to stay on track. Alongside other valuable information and direction, your continuous weight management program at neXendo Wellness can include the following:

Exercise routines

A personalized exercise routine ensures you’re getting appropriate exercise based on your age and abilities. Our team collaborates with on-staff fitness specialists to help you stay consistent and motivated. 

Meal and snack ideas

Meal and snack ideas can inspire you to make healthy, balanced choices whenever you eat. 

5. Long-term health improvements

Continuous weight management programs improve your health. Effective and mindful weight loss can lead to increased longevity and a reduced risk of chronic disease. Your program can prevent or help you manage:

Additionally, losing weight via a continuous weight management program may result in more energy, better sleep, or an improved mood and outlook on life. 

To start your continuous weight management program for better long-term health, call neXendo Wellness or request an appointment online today.

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