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4 Tips for Mindful Eating During The Holidays

4 Tips for Mindful Eating During The Holidays

When you eat mindlessly, you remain unaware of what you eat, how much, and the frequency. These behaviors often increase when we enjoy ourselves around loved ones during the holiday season. 

You might not give mindless eating a second thought. However, it is associated with health risks, such as: 


These consequences can detract from the holiday festivities. Anastasios Manessis, MD, and our Xendo Wellness team provide helpful nutrition counseling before the holidays in Long Island City and Murray Hill, New York, so that you can eat with mindfulness and intention. 

Before you fly out of state or attend your first holiday gathering, read our tips for mindful eating.

1. Avoid grazing

Eating abundant snacks and sweets is easy as you spend quality time with your family. While every bite may be small, a long grazing session as you wait for the main meal adds up. 

Instead of snacking all day as you exchange gifts, enjoy conversation, enjoy sporting events on television, or stick to an eating schedule. Aim for three small meals in the day. 

Skipping meals in favor of grazing can lead to mindless eating during your holiday. 

2. Limit distractions

Distractions can take up too much of your attention and lead to mindless eating or overeating. Put your phone away and turn off the television during meals to limit distractions. That will help you understand your food choices and portion sizes.

3. Reach for smaller dishes

A full-sized dinner plate can hold a lot of food — perhaps too much. By opting to use a smaller-sized plate, you’ll have more control over your portion sizes. Once you finish your first serving, you can check back in with yourself to decide whether you really need to go for seconds. 

Similarly, don’t feel inclined to clean your plate entirely if you feel full. Even if you were raised to finish your plate before leaving the table, you should listen to your body’s signals and stop eating once you’ve had enough. 

4. Savor every bite

You don’t cherish the wonderful flavors of a holiday meal when you’re eating too quickly or with lots of distractions. Think of every bite as a once-a-year sensory experience. Enjoy the flavors, textures, and temperatures of your holiday favorites. If you focus on enjoying your food and savoring the flavors, you’ll appreciate your meal more and avoid mindless eating. 

Ready to celebrate the holidays with less guilt around eating? We can help. Call neXendo Wellness or schedule a nutrition counseling visit online today.

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